Fleck 5600SXT Metered Water Softener

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  • Fleck 5600SXT Metered Water Softener
  • Fleck 5600SXT Metered Water Softener



Take out hard water that causes scale build up and makes soap less efficient with our selection of fleck 5600sxt water softeners with high proficiency Fleck Digital control valve. Getting rid of hard water will extend the life of your plumbing and appliances! These Fleck softeners feature a meter based regeneration process. This means that the water you use is measured and the system only regenerates when it has to. DIY Installation installation only takes 1-2 hours with some basic plumbing skills.

Product Documentation:


  • Removed hardness & iron (up to 1.5 ppm)
  • No staining on bathroom & kitchen fixtures 
  • Premium water efficient control valve
  • Reduced water heating cost
  • Prolonged life of water heaters, dishwashers, coffeemakers and plumbing fixtures
  • Fully automatic operation and simple programming
  • Washed gravel under bed provides extra filtration and enables proper cleaning of filter media
  • Does not use harsh chemicals

Available Capacity:

  • 32,000 Grain
  • 50,000 Grain
  • 60,000 Grain


  • Fleck 5600 SXT Metered Digital Control Valve
  • 32,000 Grain: 1.0 Cu Ft Resin, 0.2 Cu Ft Gravel, Resin tank 9"x 48", Brine Tank 14"x 14"x 34", 3/4" By-pass Valve
  • 50,000 Grain: 1.6 Cu Ft Resin, 0.3 Cu Ft Gravel, Resin tank 10"x 54" Brine Tank 14"x 14"x 34", 3/4" By-pass Valve
  • 60,000 Grain: 2.2 Cu Ft Resin, 0.4 Cu Ft Gravel, Resin tank 12"x 52" Brine Tank 18"x 30", 3/4" By-pass Valve
  • Brine tank safety float with 3/8" brine line 
  • Distributor pilot: 1"
  • Continuous service flow rate of 20 GPM with a backwash of 7 GPM
  • Backwash capability accommodates softener tanks up to 12" and filter up to 10" in diameter
  • Fully adjustable 3 or 5 cycle control for efficient and reliable water treatment system
  • Super capacitor for keeping time of day during power outage
  • Time-tested, hydraulically-balanced piston for service and regeneration
  • Diagnostics for historical valve performance
  • LCD display alternates between time of day, volume remaining or days until regeneration
  • Programming stored in memory and will not be lost due to power outages

 Whole House System Shipments

Due to weight and some system sizes, most systems are unable to be shipped by local courier(free) and must ship by truckload (LTL).

Canadian Water Warehouse will cover up to $199 on pallet shipments. Customer will be responsible for the tailgate and residential delivery fee. Fees vary depending on location.

Customer will be contacted shortly after placing their order to discuss any shipping fees required for their shipment.

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